HackSMU (http://hacksmu.org) is an on-campus, 24-hour educational event that combines a tech conference, a career fair, and a start-up competition. Come learn new skills, meet corporate recruiters, create amazing projects, and have fun at HackSMU!


Saturday (February 2)

08:00 am: Check-in begins
09:00 am: Opening Ceremony
10:00 am: Coding begins
12:00 pm: Lunch (Roly Poly Sandwiches)
06:00 pm: Dinner (The Halal Guys)
10:00 pm: Midnight Snack (Pokey O's Cookies and Ice Cream)
11:00 pm: Quiet Hours begin

Sunday (February 3)

7:00 am: Quiet Hours end, Submissions open
8:00 am: Brunch (Panera Bread)
10:00 am: Coding ends, Submissions close
10:30 am: Showcase and Judging
12:00 pm: Closing Ceremony
02:00 pm: HackSMU ends


Anyone who is 18+ may apply.


Build whatever you want! We will have workshops and mentors to help you build and present websites, mobile apps, VR games, sign-language translating gloves, and more! However, submitting previous work only cheats yourself of the opportunity to learn and grow at this educational event. Please respect yourself and those around you by presenting only what you create during HackSMU.

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Best Demo

Best Pitch

Best Humorous Project

Best VR or AR Project

Best Project Design

Best Use of Data

Best Mobile Project

Best Use of API

Third Place Overall

Second Place Overall

First Place Overall

State Farm Application Improvement Challenge

Best Project by a High School Team

Devpost Achievements

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Simon Mak

Simon Mak

Judging Criteria

  • Technicality

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